Sunday, March 23, 2008


What is Fl-Arc-GlWindow ?

This library contains the FLTK implementation of the arcball rotation control, originally proposed by Ken Shoemake.

How would I use the library in my application ?

See the files in examples directory . Fl_MyGLWindow.h/ .cpp - Explains how to inherit from the class main.cpp - Driver program.

How do I build the library ?

1. You would need the FLTK and the GLUT library to build this.

  • Download FLTK toolkit from .
  • Build FLTK library.
  • Unzip the contents to a particular directory, say D:\programs\fltk-1.1.5rc3 .
  • Set the environment variable FLTKROOT to point towards the same.
FLTKROOT = D:\programs\fltk-1.1.5rc3 .

2. Open the solution file distributed in the tarball in MS VC++ .NET environment.

The solution file should have two projects -

* One to build the library.
* The second - an example project demonstrating the use of the library.

With FLTKROOT already set and GLUT library available in your path, the build should go on fine.

Under what license has this been distributed ?

This is distributed under GNU GPL.